About Trunkees

We are a lively, like-minded group of people based in Dublin, Ireland. We’ve come together to solve a global problem we believe has remained unchallenged for far too long.

Think Big

As an enthusiastic group, we believe everything is up for discussion; everything is there to be tested, questioned, poked and prodded.  

For Everyone

We won’t lie; we are dreamers but we’re also do-ers.  We like the thoughts of reducing our impact on our environment. We also like the thoughts of providing others with the capability to do likewise!  This is what we have set out to do so this is what we will do. 

Rainy Days

We are under no illusions here.  We know we have set our sights on difficult targets but we also know we must leave our comfort zone in order to truly succeed.


As you’ve probably guessed by now, we are the half-full types.  We know we are lucky to be where we are in this world and feel compelled to roll up the sleeves and do the absolute best we can do.


The American attitude towards efficiency and execution should always underlie architecture!

Helmut Jahn

Our Vision

Our goal is to help car owners realise how precious their time and their fuel resource is. We then want to allow them to utilize these finite resources more efficiently.

Utilizing Time

We hate to see inefficiencies.  Let’s not waste what little we have!

Better for everyone

Single occupant car commutes are costly on many levels. Let’s try to change that! 

Utilizing Space

It’s safe, practical and it works like a charm! 


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